Christmas decorating ideas - Decorate with Fruit


Using Fruit to Create Unique Christmas Decorations

Food is a large part of Christmas and you can use fruits and nuts as a natural way to decorate. Place apples or oranges or nuts in a glass bowl with a ribbon. Coat fruit with egg white and roll in silver or gold glitter. Place the fruit in a porcelain or silver dish.

christmas glitter fruit.jpg

Mix greenery, pinecones, dried flowers and cinnamon sticks in a salad bowl

pine cones and cinnamon sticks.jpg

Photo by A.C. Photography: Nothing Like The Scent of Christmas

“My favorite Carnival Glass bowl with the Christmas scented pine cones and cinnamon sticks to give the house a wonderful scent.”

String cranberries and place on the Christmas tree or mantle. You can also string popcorn, orange slices, and apple slices.


Everyone loves to have their homes beautifully decorated for the holidays. The price, however, is often overwhelming. The tips found here will help you create your own Christmas decorations that will not only add a personal touch to your home, but create the atmosphere you desire.