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Christmas Vinyl Wall Art - Decal Stickers

Holiday decorating is growing easier and more complicated all at once! Decorating is easier because there is a wide variety of delightful objects, trends and styles to adapt, adopt, borrow or buy. Yet it’s also growing difficult because it feels as if there is almost too much to choose. We suggest you keep it simple, joyful and above all, easy.


Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorate with blueDecide upon three ideas that you think will enliven your home, and invest in them. As you choose what you do, try to think slightly outside of the box, the table top, the tree or the fireplace. Instead, why not decorate your living room wall? Etsy store Wordy Bird Studios has created some beautiful decals for the holiday season with an emphasis on vintage-inspired fonts, two color tones, and retro images.


Christmas Wall DecalsAnother etsy shop, Among New Horizons emphasizes the “drink” in drink and be merry with glowing holiday lamps made from heavy  glass liquor and wine bottles.


Glass Liquou Bottle Table LampsFinally, if you are a little tired of the traditional red and green color scheme, choose your favorite, dark color and use that as the silken rope that ties your decorating efforts together.


Christmas Decorating with Dark ColorsConsider choosing a deep purple, or a vibrantly sapphire blue, and have those colors complement black or white tones. The result is a sophisticated and unique take on the holiday season, one that personalizes your home according to your own sense of style.


Christmasd ecorating with blue, white, and metallics.