Stylish & Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Entertain in style this season with a festive centerpiece for your holiday table.

Eye Catching Christmas Centerpieces by HGTV

Christmas Centerpieces by HGTVChristmas Centerpiece Ideas by HGTVChristmas Centerpieces by HGTVChristmas Centerpiece by HGTV


Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece IdeasYou’ve made your list, and you’ve checked it twice — but do you have your holiday centerpiece in place? It can be the piece that ties your Christmas table setting together, but making one doesn’t mean spending five hours in the craft store or complicated assembly once you get home. Here are three simple ideas for making your own holiday table centerpiece, courtesy of Jo Pearson, Michaels’ manager of Where Creativity Happens.

3 Easy Holiday Centerpieces


Stacked Gift Christmas CenterpieceFor a stunning centerpiece, stack up large wrapped gift boxes and tie them up with pretty ribbons. Top with a large bow or a bunch of baubles like we have. You can get hardboard boxes or cardboard boxes from a local bakery to wrap. If using baker’s boxes, make sure to keep a book inside them to give them some weight.

Creative Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas-Centerpiece (1).jpg

White Christmas CenterpieceThe Christmas season is about celebrating life and all the joy it brings with your friends and family. What better way is there to celebrate the season than with a traditional Christmas dinner? Every year families gather around the table to partake in delicious morsels while enjoying each others company. While a lot of the focus is on the delectable turkey or grandma’s famous pecan pie, there is another(a) tradition that stands out in one’s mind – the Christmas centrepiece as the central focus of the table.

Christmas Centerpiece


Blue Ornament Christmas CenterpieceOrnaments are one of the simplest, most economical ways to decorate for the holidays and they can make a beautiful, easy centerpiece as well. Snag a few cheap boxes from your local dollar store or Wal Mart. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive for these.

Easy Christmas Centerpieces

pine cones christmas centerpiece.jpg

Christmas Centerpiece with red and white painted pine cones.All you need for this east Christmas centerpiece are pine cones and spray paint. Gather pine cones from your yard or purchase inexpensive fake ones at a craft store. Then spray paint each one the color of your choice. 

Easy Christmas Centerpieces


These all look pretty simple to make.  I  found them at Readers Digest and Better homes and Gardens online.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

green and red ornament christmas centerpiece.jpg

Christmas Centerpiece with red and green glass ball ornaments.Red and green glass ornaments are placed in a decorative dish to make this elegant Christmas centerpiece. 

Hommade Christmas Centerpieces

candle christmas centerpiece.jpg
christmas centerpiece.jpg
christmas Chandelier centerpiece.jpg
green christmas centerpiece.jpg
handmade christmas centerpiece.jpg

Christmas Chandelier CenterpieceGreen Christmas CenterpieceHandmade Christmas CenterpieceTraditional Christmas Table Centerpiece with Decorated ChandelierChristmas is exactly one week away, which gives you plenty of time to create a stunning holiday table for two…or 12. Having a hard time envisioning the perfect place setting or centerpiece? Don’t sweat it. 

Table Settings and Centerpieces

Decorating for the holidays can be a fun experience, which allows your imagination to run wild. Many simple and inexpensive Christmas centerpieces can be made, which add a touch of elegance to your home and could be the start of a new family tradition.

Decorate the Holiday With Christmas Centerpieces


Elegant Christmas CenterpieceChristmas is the most beautiful moment to gather with family, friends, and your neighborhood. There are so many ways to decorate every corner of your house, but there is one place you shouldn’t miss, your table. And every Christmas table decoration includes beautiful centerpiece. In this post, we are going to share you with some Beautiful and Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for your Christmas table centerpieces.

20 Beautiful and Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas


Tiered Tabletop Christmas Centerpiece

What you will need: Glass Tier Platter, Ornaments, Pine branches, Pinecones & Mistletoe.

1)    Take the pine branches and assort them around the layers of the tier platter.

2)    Assort the mistletoe on the top tower of the tier platter.

3)    Arrange the ornaments & pinecones to rest on top of the pine branches.

Tiered Tabletop Centerpiece


Elegant Christmas centerpieces for your holiday table, mantle or a coffee table will grab attention in your holiday Christmas décor.  While fresh fruit lends a lush look to the table and stimulate the hunger, elegant and beautiful beaded fruit lend a dramatic, colorful and sparkling look to the centerpiece.

Holiday Centerpiece