Bulthaup B1 Kitchen Design

bulthaup b1 is the essential kitchen, with a fresh look, fresh new advantages and a fresh, appealing price.

Focused on the essentials, perfectly thought through and precision finished, it radiates the timeless beauty of a sculpture and exudes simplicity right down to the last detail. A few base elements, front finishes and materials join together to form a functional and aesthetic design.

bulthaup b1 features proportional coherence and geometry in its most beautiful form.  Its principal design element is the angled, ergonomic recessed grip. It accentuates the consistent orientation towards horizontal and vertical linearity.

The homogenous finish of the materials, the interplay between the pure exteriors and the birch wood interiors as well as the high-quality craftsmanship are combined to make bulhaup b1 an experience of natural sensuality.

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The Loft

The apartment featured here was equipped with a bulthaup b1 in puristic Alpine white.  The kitchen island, enhanced with a solid wooden ash bartop looks like a sculpture in the room.  The ceiling-high units also serve as room dividers.


The Historic Former Classroom

The former classroom of an old, renovated school house has been turned into a spacious living room.  Its new owner took great care to choose authentic materials. A solid floor of wooden boards was laid, while the old windows were carefully restored and the walls plastered with clay.

The well-proportioned white bulthaup b1 kitchen with stainless steel worktop blends in beautifully with the “historic” room, which is now totally “lived in” in the truest sense of the word.  The shelving system with sliding glass doors makes the area above the kitchen line particularly attractive and highly functional.  The bulthaup c2 table and chairs by Hans J. Wegner complement this true family kitchen in the former classroom.


The Architects House

The kitchen was designed in white to contrast the room’s dark gray stone floor.  The worktops along the wall and the kitchen island were also designed in white laminate.  The laminate worktop on the kitchen island has been extended to create a table complemented by the famous “Wishbone Chairs” from Hans J. Wegner.  Ceiling-high tall units complete this fascinatingly simple and yet highly tasteful living space.