Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality: Part 3

Cool, Calm, Tranquil Interior Design Styles

A cool room is one that exudes an air of calm and tranquility.  This look is often desirable in areas where you want to promote rest, serenity or concentration.    Bedrooms, baths, offices or hot, sunny rooms where you want to visually lower the temperature.  Colors are usually light blues, greens, silvers, pastels or neutrals.  Monochromatic color schemes can often be found in cooler rooms.  These colors make a room feel more spacious and airy. 

The goal is to create a harmonious blend, a place where the mind can be cleared and the heart centered.  Fabrics are usually smooth, solid colors.  Touches of nature, like plants or water features, are often added, but the room should be uncluttered.  Minimal accessories are required.  Furnishings should be of simple designs and forego embellishments like ruffles or elaborately carved furnishings.  Keep window dressings uncomplicated.  Plain, tab-top curtains, shutters or even no window coverings at all can work nicely.