Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality: Part 4

Warm Contemporary Designs

Warm  If you want your room to feel warmer and more energizing, choose richer colors and more textures.  Reds, yellows and oranges all tend to spice up a room. Deep greens, browns and darker tones of blue also work well.   Use plush or nubby fabrics like chenille, tweed, flannel or wool.  Plaids or prints are often good choices for warm feeling rooms as well.  And just like when you want to feel warmer when you venture outside on a cold day, dress the room in layers.  Use rugs scattered around the floor, toss a warm throw over the back of a chair, or pile on the pillows. 

Use lighting to accent artwork like family photos or happy scenes and bring task lighting into play in areas where you need to work.  Utilize furnishings to create conversation areas and intimate spaces.  Furniture should be inviting and comfortable.  Warm rooms reflect the personalities of the people who live there, so don’t be afraid to bring in your collections.

Remember, we’re talking about moods here, not particular styles.  Although country or traditional styles are most frequently thought of as warm rooms, you can create the mood of warmth in a variety of styles, including contemporary.

Set The Mood

Once you know which mood you want to create in a room, you’ve taken a big step towards establishing the design style you want to bring into that room.  In the next article in this series, we’ll take a closer look at more specific styles and help you decide which one is the best for your home.  Believe it or not, you can create any of these moods with almost any style of decor.  The mood sets the tone first.  The style brings the mood to life.