Eaux Eaux - Ultra Modern Bathroom Sinks by Joel Roberts

Eaux Eaux is an all-encompassing basin inspired by oceanic form and motion.

The trough acts as its catchment area, whilst its rolling crest forms its combined spout and splash back with one minimal ‘swoosh’.

When used, the spout expels water to continue the basins collapsing wave form with a sleek clear blade of water completing the basin cycle and bringing the wave to life. Eaux Eaux’s lean body is hollowed to embody and eject the water without a hint of fixturing, evoking a playful yet mysterious nature.

The base is secured into a recessed counter top and the stainless steel cast body is coated with a soft touch paint to maximise its tactility.

Eaux is a Reece Bathroom Innovation Award Winner designed by Joel Roberts.