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eco friendly floors - kitchen floor and backsplash

The use of tile has been a popular choice for many when it comes to adding a new element of beauty and versatility to your home.

Easy to install, this hard surface is available in more eco-friendly options that add an incredible impact visually without hurting the environment.

Sustainable Floors


Sustainable Flooring Options

Bamboo Tile - Ceramic Tile - Porcelain Tile

Sustainable flooring options are now offered from recycled materials of glass and metal or renewable sources such as bamboo tile. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are being made from processes that use significant percentages of pre- and post-consumer waste. The new tiles are just as durable and easy to care for. With the advantage of sustainability, there also come options for every budget.

Bamboo Sustainable Floorin

In addition to standard sizes, there are a range of decorative accent pieces to personalize the area. Kitchens and baths are a common choice for countertops, walls, floors, and backsplashes. Fireplace surrounds, the entry way, and the sunroom are other areas where you can unleash your creative genius with tile.

Natural Tile - kitchen backsplashDal-Tile is a leader in the industry in using environmentally materials. Their website, notes that they 200 million pounds of solid waste from landfills each year, and talks of their deep commitment to sustainable design. In addition to promoting their tiles on the site, it provides useful information on how much pre- or post-consumer waste is used in their products. The site also provides information on green building standards.

Sustainable Flooring - Bathroom Eco Tiles

Ceramic tile finishes can last more than 50 years which makes tile a highly cost-effective option because of its lower life cycle cost. Published on the Dal-Tile site is the Life Cycle Cost Study published by the Tile Council of North America, noting that ceramic tile costs less per year than all other floor finishes over the life of a building because of the longer useful life.

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