How to Decorate with Cushions


When using cushions to decorate your home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The first is colour. Colour can be used to enhance or compliment a room’s colour scheme. In order to achieve this, look at the existing colours in your room and use pillows that fall in the same colour pallet. Alternatively, you can make a statement by using pillows in bold contrasting colours.

Following on from colour is pattern. You can use pattern in the same way. Whether you use stripes, floral, or abstracts, pattern can be used to add balance to a room, or to make a bland area more eye-catching.

The next aspect to consider is texture. Textures can be used to create interesting and inviting spaces. Experiment with texture. Different textures such as silk, corduroy and velvet when used together can give the impression of decadence and luxury.

Finally, when using cushions in the home, think about the size and shape of the cushion as well as the area they will be used in. Cushions can be square, rectangle, oblong, circular and more. Look at the shape and size of your furniture and the other shapes in the room to gain inspiration.

Now that we have you thinking about cushions, take a look at our list of suggestions below of where you can effectively use cushions to transform spaces in your home.

Create a New Space

You can use decorative cushions in unused spaces such as on windowsills or in areas at the top of stairs. Make comfy nooks for reading, star gazing, or a new place for your cat to curl up and sleep. Alternatively you can use cushions on top of storage boxes and chests to create an instant seat, or to make hard areas soft.

Sofa Cushions

In the same way that a cushions colour, size, shape and texture can be used alongside your existing décor, use these rules when using cushions on sofas. For a minimalist look, add a few basic cushions in one, or similar colours. For a bohemian theme, mix us the textures, patterns and sizes.

Floor Cushions


Following on from sofa cushions, make other areas of your living space accessible by using cushions as additional seating. There are cushions available that can be used as alternatives to traditional seating. These can be permanent additions to your room, or brought out for family gatherings and parties. These principles also apply to cushions used outside.

Bedroom Cushions


Another popular use for cushions in the home is in the bedroom. These cushions can be functional additions to the room, or used as decoration. Ideas include cushion displays on beds, or cushions used on furniture to create a warm and cosy feel.

We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to start accessorising you home with cushions today.