Interior Design Books

Two Must Have Books about Interior Design

Interior design booksWith so many beautiful and interesting books on interior design on prominent display at your local bookstore and even more that pop up when you do a search online, it’s hard to choose just one. These two caught our attention because the authors, Alexa Hampton and Vincente Wolf, share real world information and inspiration that readers can use in their own homes.

The Language of Interior Design by Alexa Hampton

The Language of Interior Design by Alexa HamptonWho: Alexa Hampton

What: The Language of Interior Design

Why It’s a Must Have: Alexa Hampton had us from the beginning, when she says in the introduction, “In this book, my goal is to illuminate the elements I consider most important to successful interior design: contrast, proportion, color and balance, along with many other essentials, from texture and symmetry to the creation of a furniture plan.” The designer uses eighteen of her own projects to illustrate those design elements and principles.

Alexa Hampton Interior DesignThe Language of Interior Design is more than a coffee table book with a pretty face. However, when Alexa Hampton is the author, you know the book will have lots of gorgeous photographs.


Lifting the Curtain on Design by Vincente Wolf

Lifting the Curtain on Design by Vincente WolfWho: Vincente Wolf

What: Lifting the Curtain on Design

Why It’s a Must Have: Using his own photographs to illustrate a unique design point of view based on serenity, elegance and light, Vincente Wolf shares his passion for immersing himself in global culture and bringing those international connections into his interiors. In Lifting the Curtain on Design, he uses two of those designs, an open loft and a traditional apartment, to take his reader’s through the whole design process from the grand plan to the minute finishing details.

Vincent Wolf Interior DesignIf you want to get into the mind of a great interior designer, Lifting the Curtain on Design allows you to do just that.