Joy Tribout Interior Designs

Gifted with an unerring sense of style and the visual equivalent of the perfect pitch, Joy designs homes for the well-lived life.

A firm believer that one’s home environment should elevate living on a daily basis, she creates beautiful interiors that support and enhance family life. Whether it’s enjoying a meal in a gorgeous dining room, cooking with family and friends in a sociable kitchen, enjoying cocktails at sunset on the patio, or retiring in the evening to a beautiful bedroom, a Tribout-designed environment beckons one to linger and savor the moment.  Visit Joy Tribout

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Known for her turnkey approach to design, Joy is an expert at developing comprehensive plans, including those for new construction as well as architectural enhancements to existing residences. Services include the selection of fixtures, flooring, finishes and furnishings; the fabrication of custom window treatments, upholstery and bedding; and upon request, she will even apply her stylish chic to procuring the smallest and most perfect accoutrements of daily life, all the way down to the last fork, spoon and bath towel. The result: Beautiful, luxurious and well-functioning interiors that inevitably bring clients an unprecedented level of satisfaction.

In addition to interior design, Joy is also the singular talent collection that showcases her unique mastery of design, pattern and color. The launch of the Joy Tribout Home Collection builds on her 30 years of experience creating couture furnishings and is timed to capitalize on her rapidly growing exposure in national design media.

See The Full Joy Tribout Interior Design Picture Gallery