LED Shower

LED Shower

Bringing the Bathroom Into the 21st Century. Add Color Therapy to your shower with an LED shower head.

I just installed my first LED shower head and I must say that I am very impressed.  LED shower heads add a vibrant element of color therapy to your bathrooms.  There are typically two types of LED shower heads; temperature responsive and standard.  Both are very cool and give your bathroom a real 21st century feel.

Temperature Controlled Square Overhead LED Lighted Shower Head

The temperature sensitive shower head changes colors between blue(cold) water and red(hot) water.  A nice warm shower will produce a violet or similar color variation of the two colors combined. The standard type LED shower changes light between several different colors on a preset basis.  Both are very cool. Some of the higher end LED shower heads are accompanied by a fully programmable remote control.  

Viewing the LED shower head from the side gives the optical illusion of neon colored water spraying out of the shower head.  LED showers have become a big design trend and there are plenty of styles to choose from.  Add an LED faucet to your sink and really make the bathroom a unique experience.

 The Rio series by Crosswater offers 3 gorgeous choices of LED shower experiences.


The Rio Series LED Shower by Crosswater

Rio Spectrum LED Shower HeadThe Rio Spectrum LED Shower - A revolutionary LED light showering experience.

Rio Square LED Shower Head

Illuminate your shower with a choice of azure blue, purple or green light to achieve a spectacular visual effect. The low consumption LED lamps create a truly magnificent column of water & light. 


Rio Illuminating Shower Experience

Gessi’s Luxurious Private Wellness LED Shower 

Gessi’s Luxurious Private Wellness LED ShowerCatch hold of the latest trend with this luxury shower from Gessi: the Private Wellness line of multi-functional rain showers. Featuring a hydro massage system and fixed or changing chromatherapy lights, the square shower heads come in three different sizes including 80x80cm, 50x50cm and 35x35cm. 

Luxury Shower from Gessi - Private Wellness line of multi-functional rain showers via Trendir


3DF Design LED Shower Head by Danilo Fedeli

3DF Design LED Shower Head by Danilo Fedeli

3DF Design LED Shower Head by Danilo Fedeli3DF Design LED Shower Head by Danilo Fedeli

Modern shower heads are equipped with beautiful LED light beam, comprising a wide selection of attractive lighting colors to decorate your contemporary bathroom. Shower bathroom with this beautiful lamp designed by designer Danilo Fedeli. Shower is made in a variety of stylish and beautiful form, the user you many choices of models, such as square, oval and rectangle, all of which are equipped with LED lights with different colors.

Contemporary Shower Head Led Light for Modern Bathroom Design by Danilo Fedeli via The Lux Home


Christina Ruinetterie Shower Lamp

Christina Ruinetterie Shower Lamp

For when you want to make a bold statement with your bathroom lighting: the newShower Lamp is a fabulous addition to the Sandwich Colors Showerhead range by Christina Rubinetterie. An instant focal point, the shower lamp is an interesting combination of two useful bathroom items. The vibrant colours of the lamp are contained within a cylindrical shape of beautiful simplicity.

LED Shower via Trendir


Blue LED Shower by Megius

Show your modern and stylish personality by use this cool blue LED shower design. Combine with the simple design and the futuristic details of the shower, you can enjoy your private time to re-new your spirit from this space. Made as the simple saving space, this silver artistic design was robbed your attention in details and the functional of the product. Another special thing from this product was the easy for use. Look the simple and modern design of this electric shower design ideas. 

Modern Blue LED Shower Bathroom Tile Ideas by Megius via naBUZZ


LED Shower Head by Visentin

LED Shower Head by Visenten

LED Shower Head by Visentin

Setting a whole new standard for both ergonomics and design, these wonderful shower heads and showers are truly amazing. Spider, Space, Icelight and Domolight shower are some of the most beautiful ones. If it is cool LED lighting you are after, the Domolight features a ceiling mounted large scale head, with a revitalizing rain-shower which is illuminated by the in-built LED lights.

LED Shower Head by Visentin


LED Shower

If you are budget concious like me and would still like to create a similar effect.  Amazon has a wide variety of cool LED shower heads.


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