Swarovski Crystal Lighting Designs

Swarovski Crystal ChandelierSwarovski Chandeliers

Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers

Modern Optical Crystal Lighting Designs

Swarovski Crystal continues to add its sparkle to all aspects of our lives with its new line of wall elements.    Swarovski Architecture has wall and ceiling elements that create a new dimension with light and reflective accents. 

Swarovski Crystal “Unveil” Line

The Unveil line has individually created foil samples with handset crystals to use with LED lighting components.  Each piece is custom designed, and is perfectly at home in a commercial setting for signage, or to use in residential as a piece of wall art.  It can be applied to either the front or back of a transparent glass for any custom shape or lettering. 

Swarovski Crystal “Topology Wood” Line

The Topology Wood line combines the crystals with wooden panels, veneers and lacquer for a wall installation.  Again, the product is 100% customized by the customer’s imagination, and uses fiber optic or LED illumination for a variety of uses.  Perfect for a dividing wall in a large area, it can be put on a dimmer for added ambiance.

Swarovski Crystal - Honeycomb Wall Element

The Honeycomb wall element acts in a similar way to the other two products mentioned, while providing a unique refraction of light off a back lit mirror.  The customer is only limited by their imagination, as the soft light and color create an art inspired look for the wall. In a residential setting, this product could get overused quickly, so it’s important to work with a person specializing in lighting design so your room does not take on a Vegas-like look.  Rather, a small area on an accent wall or room divider would provide a maximum statement.