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The original approach was to turn tradition on its head in order to keep tradition alive.

Add Contemporary Flare with Timorous Beasties Fabric Wallpaper

Glasgow-based firm Timorous Beasties leapt onto the design scene with their subversive wallpaper which attracted a fan base as well as thieves who almost instantly tried to rip inspiration from the Beasties’s company wall. While imitation might be a form of flattery, copies cannot come close to the original. This is due in part to Timorous Beasties’s commitment to producing beautiful wallpaper as well as a limited edition series, along with their uncanny ability to transform and even mock their own creations.

Timorous Beasties WallcoveringsTimorous Beasties Fabric WallcoveringsTimorous Beasties was founded in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, two former textile students of Glasgow renowned School of Art. The original approach was to turn tradition on its head in order to keep tradition alive. This was achieved by taking the traditional early 19th Century Toile du Jouy pattern and filling it with tiny, crowded images of drug addicts, homeless ramblers and prostitutes.  They’ve expanded upon this reverence of reverie by releasing additional wallpaper with prints of spiders, bees and contemporary urban scenes.

fabric wallcoveringsTimorous Beasties Modern Fabric WallpapersWith London and Glasgow shops in the United Kingdom, a booming interior design branch, and a range of textiles and tableware, Timorous Beasties continues to bring an acutely contemporary flare to traditional design. (Yes, they will fill international orders!)

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