Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary: Art and Furniture Unite

Art and Furniture Unite

Todd Merrill Designs

Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary is the newest addition in the Louis Sullivan building in New York, featuring one of a kind, handmade studio sensibility.  This collaboration of several artists turns custom furniture making into an art gallery exhibit for his studio.  Having just opened in June 2009, this venture is the union of quality craftsmanship and expertise design.

Todd Merrill Antiques Dealer and Designer

In addition to the antique showroom Tod Merrill had previously ventured, this new gallery/showroom will feature prototypes of furniture pieces that can be custom designed to suit any client’s needs.  This unique approach ensures quality in every piece with sublime workmanship. 

Joseph Walsh’s Sanagi table of walnut and lacewood

The Ebb Tide Console by Michael Coffey made of African Mozambique creates a lush illusion of movement with a musical flow.  Its sculptural qualities make this a stand-alone piece.  Joseph Walsh’s Sanagi table of walnut and lacewood creates a gentle play of shadow and light with its sensual lines.  These are just two of the unique pieces featured at Todd Merril Studio Contemporary, with a constant evolution of new designs.  This growing line is one to watch for its innovative collections.

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