Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson - More is More

“If it’s not fabulous, it’s meaningless!” has been the long time mantra of the design team Hutton Wilkinson and the late Tony Duquette. 

Based in California, Duquette was an innovator in creating lush, over the top rooms that came together with a masterful layering of pattern, color, texture and his signature gilt.  Recent projects have included a furniture collection under Duquette’s name, and a line of silk fabrics for Jim Thompson.

Baker Furniture Collection

A new book about Duquette’s work is available, authored by Hutton Wilkinson.  More is More features rich photography of their lavish collaborations, as well as the things that served as great inspiration to their designs.  It also takes an intimate look at his longtime marriage to his wife, Beegle and her artwork.  More is More pays homage to their renowned dinner parties and jet-setting lifestyles.

More Is More: Tony Duquette

Tony Duquette’s design aesthetics broke all the rules and played with nontraditional objects, creating exotic and intricate shapes.  His collections for Baker Furniture are indicative of his decadent sense.  The Biomorphic Console takes an organic, sensual shape and creates an extraordinary swirling base.   His whimsical Ghost Snail lamp creates a sculptural shape with pen shell and resin combined to take illumination to new levels.  His intricate designs continue to inspire jewelry for his exclusive collection as Saks, as well as to the interiors that carry on his fine name.  The theatrical influence of Duquette’s over-the-top design and well as lifestyle has an everlasting effect on today’s interiors.