2010 Color Trends: Fearless Colors

One of the biggest themes for 2010 is more color.  Even the extreme use of color is encouraged.  Exuberant hues of yellow, turquoise, purple, coral, and grass green will punctuate homes that aren’t afraid of a statement.   This lively trend palette will combine several of the brights at a time while creating a cohesive feel – the overall look will be energetic and enlivening. 

Your browser may not support display of this image.Strong patterns are offset with crisp shades of white or slightly off white.  The use of light will be important to let the colors take center stage.  The use of coral tones will be prevalent, as this universally flattering color is back in favor.  Painting a room coral will create a healthier glow for the occupants, while enhancing their mood. 

Larger scale floral and nature inspired patterns will be juxtaposed with stripes or two toned geometrics.  Mixing in solid neutrals will tone down the trend for those who want just a touch of color.  This trend will find itself in both modern and traditional settings, and is perfect for those looking for a real lift. 

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