2010 Color Trends: Going Global

Native American Indian and African Tribes are playing a big part with their influence on patterns and color placement.  Expect to see combinations of orange, browns, turquoise, mustard tones, purples, and earthy red tones in rich geometric patterns.  Pink interior design is also strengthening.  Honeysuckle Pink is being forecasted as a big hit.  Combined in layers of luxurious textures, pebbled leather, and distressed finishes, this trend will appeal to a broad spectrum.

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This trend should not be construed as theme decorating that includes lions and tigers and bears.  Rather it should embrace the combination of textures and patterns to create a warm, luxurious and inviting atmosphere.  Linen Ikats with varying sizes of stripes, strong geometric shapes and rustic chenilles are the hallmarks of this trend.  Walls will be painted in robust tones that compliment the overall mix.

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