5 Tips For Organizing Your Home

There’s a scientific term we use in decorating called CHAOS – the letters stand for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

You all know what I’m talking about – we’ve all been there, or maybe still are. A couple of years ago at New Year’s I decided to have party and practically redecorated and reorganized the entire house to have less than 20 guests over. Parties, Graduations, and Holidays create shame and terror for some of the most humble people.

Most of us want to get organized in one area or another but there never seems to be enough time. However, by even having one room in order takes a lot of pressure off. This is the best time of year to start thinking about the projects you want to accomplish.

Home Organizing Tips

1. Grab a notebook and start walking around your house. Make lists per room of the things you need to fix or change – this is where it can get overwhelming, but it should help put it in perspective. For example, maybe the only thing you need to do in the guest bath is to caulk the tub and buy a new mat. Those are things that are easily obtainable. Look over your list and prioritize – this is something you might want to do with a spouse or partner who would undoubtedly have an opinion.


2. Decide what is on your list that you can do yourself, and which project you’ll need professional help with. Think about how much you want to spend. Be realistic when you are setting these goals so that you aren’t overwhelming yourself.


3. As you are walking through the house or sifting through those records, make a dedicated effort to purge the things you don’t need. Be ruthless. Someday your kids may have to go through your things, and they aren’t going to be very happy finding the manual for the refrigerator that you got rid of 15 years earlier. In fact, get rid of a lot of those manuals if you can find them online! I bet there are at least two trash can bags of records you could easily pitch.


4. If you’re just getting started on organizing your home, it’s best to choose a small room such as a bathroom or closet to start with. Why? Because once you organize a smaller area, you will be encouraged to go on and tackle some of the larger rooms. Know that everything needs a place, not just a pile that shuffles from table to table.


5. Once you have your priorities in order, you’ll have a clearer picture of any home improvements or decorating issues you need to solve. One of the best places to start in making your home more efficient is creating a space plan to maximize flow, seating, and storage. It may be money well spent to have an interior designer assist with this.


Retraining yourself and your family to keep the things in their place is actually harder to do than the actual process of organizing. This is crucial to fighting off the CHAOS theory – you’ll feel better about having company drop in or pulling together a short notice dinner party when you don’t have to work so hard to get the house ready. Think about the last time you painted or bought something new for the house that made you feel really good. If it hasn’t been in the last five years, then you are in need of a mini lift – go purchase some new accessories and update your look!

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