Bring the Outdoors, Indoors With Mini Terrariums


Even long winter months are able to host green shoots in the form of house plants and carefully manicured, indoor gardens. Reminiscent of the days when grand homes housed solariums to keep plants green while outside it snowed, today some stores are reinventing the indoor garden by reintroducing, and reinventing, the terrarium.

One can choose either a glass dome to play upon the Marais Style of gardening or one can choose among a range of terrariums, each of which can maintain a tiny, green world. Restoration Hardware offers both terrariums and glass domes that reproduce a 19th Century sensibility.

Restoration Hardware Glass Dome Cloches

Modern furnishing companies such as Roost update the terrarium style by adopting clean, minimalist lines and simple shapes. Terrariums are growing in popularity, and you now can try your luck at any number of garden supply centers that sell through Amazon. Even Etsy artisans have gotten in on the act! Finally, to help you choose the appropriate plants, books such as The New Terrarium offer tips and insight into how to maintain the plants.

Light Bulb Terrariums by Etsy designer, Tinyterra


DOMSAI - Think Green

Domsai is a tamagotchi for your desk.
Handcraft designed and produced with love in Nove (ITA). Each Domsai has its own personality, each cactus has its own dome, tailor made and blowed, that differentiates it from the others.

Domsai by Japanese designer, Matteo Cibic

Botany Factory

The Kiwi terrarium is named for the elusive flightless bird of New Zealand. With its rounded rear and tapered, gently upturned neck, Kiwi is elegant yet playful.

The Eggloo is the perfect little egg shaped home for your apartment garden. Each Eggloo form is hand blown individually and has its own distinct character. Eggloos look lovely in pairs or clusters of three, especially sitting atop a piece of mid-century furniture. 

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Recycled Glass Bulb Terrarium by Roost

Recycled Glass Bulb Terrariums by Roost Home Furnishings