Choosing A Bed Style


Which Style Of Bed Do You Prefer?

There are assortments of bed styles available and choice will really depend on preference.For example if you have a very modern home, you will more than likely want to continue this contemporary style into the bedroom. However, if your house is of a traditional style, you may wish to apply a similar look to your personal space.

Many of the French pieces available come complete with matching wardrobes, bedside tables, drawers, couches and lamps. It is very easy to work a little luxury into your room with any one of the above pieces.

Those that wish to create a more contemporary style should invest in either a wooden or metal bed with clean lines and minimal decoration. Many beds come with under bed storage. This is a great option for those that wish to hide a littleclutter. Many people choose to put the likes of baskets and boxes underneath higher bed frames, as such items provide you with ample storage space to hide any unsightly under bed clutter.

Others choose to opt for bed frames that are flush to the floor. This is a very contemporary look and one that is used in many of today’s more modern-styled bedrooms.  Beds that are flush to the floor generally tend to create the illusion of more space, as they create continuous vertical lines from floor to ceiling.

Some beds even feature the likes of pop up flat screen televisions. These will appear at the end ofyour bed at the touch of a button. This a great idea for those that wish to invest in a bedroom that offers a few quirkier mod cons. It is also a great way to hide all of these mod cons. Sometimes flat screen televisions, speakers andradios can look a little too modern, meaning you have to keep the rest of the decor looking modern. With a TV bed, you have the option of a classically styled, luxurious bed combined with all ‘mod cons’ that disappear at the touch of a button! Dreams beds are a great place to start for choosing yourfavourite style!

Which one would you choose?