Decorating For A New Arrival


Although many people enjoy decorating their homes, there are few DIY projects more enjoyable than preparing for a new addition to the family.

There are many decisions to be made on the décor for your new baby’s room, but at all times, your watchwords should be comfort and safety when creating a peaceful and hospitable sanctuary.

From deciding on the right colours to ordering made to measure roller blinds, here are our tips for ensuring that the decoration process is a success.

Choosing the right theme


Before you buy anything for the new room, you’ll need to decide on an overarching theme. Perhaps you could use cars, trains, ships, football or even dinosaurs as possible themes for your little boy’s room, whereas the likes of butterflies, fairies or angels may be most appropriate for a girl. It’ll be so much easier to decide on paints, accessories and window treatments once the theme is decided on.

What would be the most appropriate colour scheme?


A newborn’s eyes will soon develop and adjust, and given that this is also a room that you will also be spending a lot of time in, the colours chosen need to be warm, inviting and relaxing. Shades such as soft blues, warm greens and cream yellows all create a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

Make the most of the ceiling


Your baby is going to spend plenty of time looking up from their cot, and by stencilling their ceiling with objects and shapes, you can help to stimulate their developing and enquiring mind.

Have Roller blinds installed


Light plays a big role in bringing your baby’s room to life, but you also won’t want it to be too intense on those sunny mornings. Made to measure Roller blinds allow you to better control the amount of light in your baby’s room, helping to contribute to that all-important calming and relaxing atmosphere. They are also easy to use and clean. Be sure to opt for a blind supplier that uses child safety devices for protection and peace of mind.

With these tips, comfort and safety are combined to create an engaging space for you to welcome your new arrival.