Dust Furniture: Straight out of Alice in Wonderland

Funky Furniture Designs by Vincent Thomas Leman

What happens when an artisan takes traditional furniture design and brings his own twist of whimsy and an abstract point of view into play? You get Dust. Dust Furniture that is. In his Valparsiso, Indiana studio, Vincent Thomas Leman creates beautiful handcrafted art furniture that seems to have been flung full-born from Alice’s rabbit hole.

Vincent says, “I typically describe my work as ‘abstract traditional’ furniture. My designs are rooted in traditional furniture design… moldings, arches, feet, etc are all traditional.  For the most part, I tend to work with movement & form (and of course color). The inclusion of traditional furniture elements keeps the furniture familiar and approachable even though the shapes are unorthodox.”

With so many wonderful and fun choices, it was difficult to decide what pieces to show here, but we finally decided upon these.

Together We Can—We love the name that comes from the idea of “three people lifting each other up to reach a higher goal.”

Dust Furniture

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Dust Furniture - Clocks

These creative clocks by Dust Furniture are simple yet unique. From wall hanging  clock with faux pendulum to surreal looking tradition grandfather clock, the designs are abstract and dynamic.

Abstract Clocks by Dust Furniture


Dust Furniture is a collection of studio furniture from craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman. Vincent has built one-of-a-kind pieces for years, but released this line to accommodate the demand for reproducible versions of his work.

Vincent Leman’s Warped Sense Of Style: Dust Furniture


If you dream of living in Wonderland, then Dust Furniture is your best shot of achieving it.The brainchild of Vincent Thomas Leman, these pieces are all about curves and twists, very much the opposite of current design trends (read minimal, functional, sleek and space saving).

Dust Furniture


Dust Furniture Mirrors

Have you ever wanted to live in the world of “Alice in Wonderland”? Up until now, there are many unique and creative designs about the theme for fashion, but how about our beloved house? There is one-of –a-kind interior design, made exclusively for you who want a unique, diverse style house from the everyday functional and space saving furniture. From the creation of Vincent Thomas Leman, we show you the Dust Furniture. Twisted, surreal, what else would you Alice lovers want?

Dust Furniture by Architectural Design

Having a regular cabinet is a common thing and no longer strange, now unusual cabinet is much sought after to complement the house interior and many companies which focusing of design in making furniture unusual and the example is Dust Furniture.

Unusual Cabinets By Dust Furniture

The Dust Furniture line seems lifted straight out of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and would fit perfectly in Tim Burton’s upcoming adaptation. The one-of-a-kind collection from artist Vincent Thomas Leman sport pieces that have such a distinct look to them because it takes ordinary wood furniture and stretches, curves them to the designer’s will. 

Dust Furniture by Limited Hype

Handcrafted in their Valparaiso, Indiana studio, Dust Furniture is designed by artist Vincent Thomas Leman. Vincent began building one-of-a-kind art furniture in 2001. Along with his wife Jessie, they founded Dust Furniture in 2005 to accommodate the demand for reproducible versions of his work. Whimsical in nature, the Dust line comes in many “Dr. Suessian” shapes with a rich array of color options.

Dust - Colorful and Abstract Furniture