Eco-Friendly Luxurious Linens

Bella Notte Linens Luxurious Velvet Bedding

Luxurious Silk Velvet LinensEco-friendly and Oh So Luxurious

Velvet is making a big comeback in interior design. From living room to bedroom, the new soft and supple velvets are everywhere. Bella Notte, known for its easy care luxury linens, is making its own contribution to this growing velvet trend. Their silk velvet and silk and rayon velvet burnout bedding and window coverings are smashing.


Luxurious Silk Velvet BeddingThe company says it takes pride in offering beautiful, easy to care for linens that are also environmentally friendly. The company uses low-impact fabrics and low-impact dyes, aiming to protect the planet and the health of its inhabitants.

Primrose silk velvet throw blankentWith so many gorgeous colors and interesting textures, Bella Notte Linens offers such a wide array of choices that there’s something for almost everyone. From traditional or old world to modern rooms, these beautiful and comfortable linens fit naturally into many interior styles.

Primrose Luxurious Silk CuratainsNow for the important question? Can you pick just one color and fabric?

Bella Notte Luxurious Linens