Flou Beds

Designer Beds From Flou

Style Estate offers this post as a reminder of the remarkable Italian firm Flou that continues to create fabulous beds. Featured in Apartment Therapy and beloved by boutique hotels worldwide and their globe trotting clientele, Flou will make anyone believe that “sleeping well is the best revenge.”

Contemporary Platform Bed From Flou BedsTheir most popular versions are those beds that open to reveal a t.o.n. of storage space. Perfect for a small apartment or for anyone who needs a tad more storage space. Versions are now available with floor level showing for books and other small objects.

Flou has a boutique in New York City’s Soho neighborhood and some products now are available online. A Flou bed stands as a style object in and of itself, but given the number of designs the firm now offers, one version will fit your lifestyle and provide a perfect cushion for your dreams.

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