Futuristic Interior Design


Let your imagination quantum leap and have a glimpse into the future of interior design.

We don’t have flying cars or trains yet but we do have super computers that fit in the palms of our hands.  Technology is moving at mind boggling speeds and the fashion/design world is moving right along with it.  Here are some ultra futuristic interior designs sure to inspire the imaginationl.

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Futuristic Living Room and Kitchen.Futuristic BathroomFuturistic interior furniture was designed by Canadian designer, Karim Rashid and happened to be a modular sustainable home design concept. The home interior has a futuristic look, soft organic shapes of walls and modern interior furniture, and modern appliances. There are a living room, futuristic kitchen, futuristic bathroom, futuristic bedroom, and a futuristic living room. 

Artistic Futuristic Home Interior Design by Karim Rashid


 The project conducted by the canadian designer Karim Rashid and the coincidence concept of sustainable modular home design. Milan Design Week 2010 a project called ‘Smart-ologic Corian®Living’ was presented.  The interior of this home has a futuristic look, soft organic shapes of walls and furniture, and modern appliances. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a living room. The photovoltaic modules of DuPont, integrated into the roof, create environmentally-sustainable energy. All the lighting is LED for efficiency and low energy consumption and the radiant floors are powered by solar generated energy.

Futuristic Home Made Of Smart-ologic Corian and Designed by Karim Rashid



While the room space is like ordinary rooms, this one is looks like a modern even futuristic design. The futuristic design is achieved by the combination of color and lighting. Those colors are create a lighter, subtle feeling, and combined with the small spotlight is strengthen the room interior color. The main color for floors and walls are white, making the environment more light and spacious. And so is the furniture, they are mostly painted in similar color too; well balanced to the futuristic room interior.

Futuristic Room Interior that Created from Color and Light Combination


Futuristic Girls RoomFuturistic Boys RoomFuturistic Kids Rooms by Karim Rashid


Futuristic Kids RoomFuturistic Kids RoomFuturistic Kids RoomThe trend for themed hotel rooms has been limited to boutique and art hotels that are strictly for grown-ups. The recently opened Ramada Resort Karon Beach in Phuket is one of the few that are taking the trend and making it family friendly simply by creating fun and magical themed rooms just for kids.

Kids’ Rooms at the Ramada Resort Karon Beach, Phuket


Hotel Room of the FutureOver in Germany, the Fraunhofer Society in Duisberg has been working on yet another prototype for the “hotel room of the future.” It would appear that this concept for a futuristic hotel roomlooks like an institutional version of the Jetson’s house, but io9 reports that there are some nutty space-y amenities that are hiding beneath the curves and terrifying stark-white-ness of this room:

German Scientists Hawking Another Hotel Room of the Future


Futuristic Bedroom ConceptFuturistic Glass HouseFrom Mies van der Rohe to Phillip Johnson, even the most minimalist modernists never took the ‘see-through box’ concept quite this far in the 20th Century – an entirely transparent house plan with see-through floors, ceilings, interior and exterior walls on every side both inside and out. It took a contemporary x-ray visionary to see the extreme possibilities in this simple home design idea.

Futuristic Bachelor Pad Bedroom

What can you place in a small apartment of 62 square meters? Here are the a amazing small apartment ideas for young bachelor with retro futurism in interior space. Living room design with futuristic interior, modern red and white sofas, rugs with black, white and reds color. some interesting wall and ceiling with pink and white color. The walls of futuristic design with cool lighting and the kitchen give it an antique touch and some coziness. The space was made open except for the bedroom and give some touch with futuristic beds design. The bedroom is decorated in the same style; pictures, exquisite bed, beautiful ceiling design make the room refined and the curtain adds coziness. Bathroom cabinet, lamps and bath decorated with more color to continue the style of the whole apartment.

Futuristic Bachelor Pad Bedroom


Futuristic Bed DesignHigh Level Modern Bedroom Design Idea. It has been a while since we posted a comfortable sleeping unit on Freshome. SLEEPY, designed by the Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and produced by Tonin CASA, is an aesthetically pleasing bed, ideal for contemporary houses. According to the producers, the wide base is upholstered with fabric or eco-leather in different finishes.


High Level Modern Bedroom Design 


Futuristic Bedroom

Futuristic Kitchen Design

Futuristic Luxury Bedroom With Bath

Luxury Futuristic Villa Casa Son Vida by tec Architecture & Marcel Wanders Studio


Futuristic BathroomFuturistic BathroomFuturistic Interior Design Bathroom Egg Shower : The proteins in an egg can do wonders for your skin, but how about taking a shower in one? I’m talking about the egg-shaped shaped Cocoon Shower Stall that literally cocoons you once you shut all the glass slides. 

Futuristic Interior Design Bathroom Egg Shower


Futuristic Livingroom DesignFuturistic Relaxing RoomFuturistic Relaxing Room Design Ideas


Futuristic Green Living Room 

Futuristic Hotel RoomFuturistic Hotel Bedroom

Here are the VIP guests pool suites at the hard rock hotel Las Vegas design by Chemical Spaces. The suites are designed with the intention of attending the hip Hard Rock, youth, and guests to the music. Each suite has a specific issue and reason each new design suites at the Hard Rock pool and bring a new element to the office of Hard Rock. As part of the redevelopment of Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the chemical firm hired to design space design was one of several suites, swimming pool of its kind designed to accommodate VIP guests at the resort. Local designer Mark Tracy, owner and principal consultant of Chemical design spaces, designed and oversaw the installation of individual suites.

Amazing VIP Guests Pool Suites Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas Design by Chemical Spaces


Futuristic Office SpaceFound on Flickr

Futuristic KitchenThis trend manifests itself as a need to move beyond the traditional styles,to seek comfort technology and new materials and designs have to offer. This decoration includes the entire line of appliances last generation, complemented by designer furniture and decorative arts.

Futuristic Kitchen


Futuristic Living Room DesignBehind one of the sofas, The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen revisited in purple iris, looks directly over the city.The living room is brightened by a green carpet, behind which stands a gray sofa with custom-designed. The dining area instead brings a strong note with fuchsia-colored stools Eight For Use for Zanotta, around the table for Boffi. The belief is built on green design.

Futuristic Apartment Ideas


Futuristic KitchenFuturistic Kitchens on MyDeco


Futuristic BathroomFuturistic Bathroom Design Idea


Futuristic Bedroom and Bathroom

Futuristic Small Space Apartment

Modern Futuristic Bedroom Decorating Ideas with LED Lighting


Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it makes Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann designed the Modern One Room Hotel with Amazing Paris Direct View. 

Futuristic One Room Hotel In Paris


It is the use of room decor inspiration to try for a place on earth to relax and enjoy the best day to give us. Right! Of all the rooms at the best hotels in the most romantic places in the world, Paris. Paris is a place for those who have the passion of high class in art and fashion.

Hotel with luxurious interior design in Paris


More Futuristic Interior Designs

 Futuristic Interior Design


Futuristic Interior Design

Futuristic Interior DesignFuturistic Interior Design

Futuristic Interior Design

Futuristic Interior Design

Futuristic Interior Design


Futuristic Interior Design


Futuristic Interior Design