Gaia & Gino

For the most part, Istanbul’s impact on the design world has been limited to textiles and, in particular, tremendously luxurious carpets and rugs.

It is to design’s detriment if it believes all of Turkish design and its influences will remain underfoot forever. Design group Gaia & Gino certainly illustrates the working influence of Istanbul in the design world.

Established in 2004 and based in Istanbul, Gaia & Gino has supported designers and their unique visions. In turn, famous designers such as Karim Rashid have helped Gaia & Gino gain a strong foothold in the increasing global market of interior decor.

Gaia & Gino is founded by Gaye Cevikel and takes its name from Gaye’s nickname and her dog, Gino. For six years, this intelligent design guru and her trusty best friend have created strategic alliances between the company and various well-known designers to produce beautiful objects in crystal, glass, metal and porcelain.

Cevikel also has demonstrated an “ad woman’s” savvy sense of spin by commissioning pieces that highlight Gaia & Gino’s style from design students at various stages in their career.

One such productive relationship was formed in 2007 with the California College of the Arts where students were asked to a series of luxury pet products.

Gaia & Gino’s objects often are available in contemporary museum shops and design schools such as that of MOMA in New York and SF MOMA in, of course, San Francisco, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

You can also find Gaia & Gino at Barney’s, Table Art in Los Angeles and Elements in Chicago.