Hood - Industrial Pendant Light by Rejuvenation

This period basic fixture is a great way to make a bold yet simple statement.

Globe size changes the look: choose the 12” for a schoolhouse approach, the 14” for a versatile style, or the 18” to create a focal point that looks anything but basic. The globe shown has a wire net, which was first seen in the 1908 Western Electric catalog, originally designed to catch the glass of a broken light—an important feature in high-traffic work areas. Now it provides period authenticity and texture.

The Hood is based on several fixtures made between 1910 and 1920 by the F.W. Wakefield Brass Company of Vermilion, Ohio. They were straightforward, functional designs meant to produce maximum light output with minimum fuss. With the Hood, Its simplicity makes it feel contemporary. Not bad for a centenarian!