How To Create a Glamorous Kitchen Look for Less

It sounds almost oxymoronic- a kitchen isn’t a place for glamour, it’s for making a mess and causing havoc in. However, make your kitchen a glamorous place to be in and you’ll want to spend even more time in there, making a mess.


A chandelier will inject instant glamour into any room, whether it’s a fuchsia pink plastic one or a glittering cut glass one. Having a lamp in your kitchen may seem odd, but it helps to create a more ambient area as opposed to the harsh brightness of the central light.


Add drama to the room with a splash of colour. A passionate red or a regal purple, or if you’re feeling brave, something darker will make the room feel warm and sumptuous, as opposed to clean and clinical. Alternatively, go for a classic white, glossy kitchen with pastel accessories for a 50’s Hollywood glamour feel.

Wallpaper can have the same effect- a bold, feminine design that will instantly draw the eye and excite the senses. If you can’t afford to wallpaper a whole wall, consider using panels, or even as a splash back, protected by glass.


Whether it’s through the reflective, glossy surface of your cabinets, or glittering glass mosaic tiles or simply through some sparkly accessories, sparkle is essential for a glamorous kitchen. If your cabinets are look a bit lacklustre, and you want to update them, you could use decals to make them a bit more girly and glamorous.

The Floor

If there’s something that will make a huge difference to your kitchen, it’s your floor. If you can afford to completely replace it (if it’s looking less than glamorous) then do, if not, you could paint it.


They have to be matching of course, but if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that, then consider giving your current accessories a bit of a makeover. Whether you use spray paint, or fabric, or just decals, making your accessories the same will add a finishing touch to your kitchen. Buy new tea towels or utensils in the same colour or similar design and your kitchen will be complete.

Better Kitchens

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