How To Update A Kitchen

how to update a kitchenModern Updated Kitchen

The prospect of updating your kitchen to meet a modern aesthetic can seem daunting and full of expense.

After all, kitchens are full of specialised equipment and built-in fixtures and fittings, so it might seem as if there is nothing you can do to make it more fashionable apart from commit to a full revamp. However, there are a range of options below that of a full redesign that can help you to keep your kitchen up to date.

how to update a kitchenModern Updated Designer Kitchen

Tip 1: Keep the Future in Mind

If you are in the process of creating a new modern designer kitchen, bear in mind that you may wish to change it in the future in order to keep up with changing fashions. Opt for neutral colours for your more expensive items such as appliances so that they will fit in with any future design changes you may make. A bright red fridge may fit perfectly with what you want today, but five years down the line you may want to change to a new colour scheme. Furthermore, an appliance may not even be in good working order a year or two down the road, meaning you will either have to buy new parts here, or buy a whole new appliance. However, while buying a new appliance can get expensive, it usually means you can pick out something more suited to your tastes. Choose neutral wall colours such as creams as these tend to go well with most designs.


how to update a kitchenModern Updated Rustic Kitchen

Tip 2: Target the Worst Offenders

Not everyone has the luxury of designing a kitchen that they can easily adapt in the future. However, even if you have a kitchen already in situ, this does not mean that you cannot update it. Take a look at your kitchen and try to assess what is drawing your eye and most egregiously unfashionable. For example, you may have cupboards that are sickly pink or patterned tiles that simply scream ‘eighties’. By targeting the worst offenders you can spend your budget where it is most needed.

how to update a kitchenModern Updated White Kitchen

You might find that a slightly unfashionable countertop actually looks perfectly fine when the rest of the kitchen has been updated. It is best to completely de-clutter your kitchen before you try to assess it. Firstly, modern kitchen designs place a primacy on smooth lines and removing clutter can itself help to update the look of your kitchen. Secondly, when you have the kitchen stripped to its bare essentials it is easier to hone in on exactly what you find most unfashionable.

how to update a kitchen

Tip 3: Keep What You Have to, Change What You Can

While many of the fixtures and fittings in your kitchen cannot be changed without going to a great degree of expense, many elements can easily be changed. For example, you do not necessarily have to replace the entirety of your cupboards, you may be able to re-paint the doors to a more fashionable colour, replace old-style handles with more modern equivalents, or even just replace the doors altogether while keeping the main body of the cupboard. Even something as simple as replacing curtains with modern blinds can make a real difference to how your kitchen looks.

how to update a kitchenModern remodeled Kitchen

 Tip 4: Update Small Pieces to Draw the Eye

It might seem that replacing a kettle in an unfashionable kitchen will be as effective as King Canute trying to hold back the sea. However, sometimes small inexpensive changes can make a real difference. For example, if the reason that your kitchen seems unfashionable is due to some ugly brown cupboard doors, you might be able to revitalise the whole room with a brick red toaster and kettle and perhaps some red flowers in a vase. These primary colours will draw the eye and make the cupboards seem much less important and less noticeable.

how to update a kitchen