John Saladino

Architect and Interior Designer

John Saladino

Interior Design by John SaladinoIs he more architect or interior designer? Known and respected around the world, John Saladino seems to be the perfect merging of both—sometimes called the designers’ designer. He’s always been drawn to the classical, with an affinity for exploring the contemporary and now a desire to use new green materials as much as possible. He crosses all style lines, creating interiors that reflect his clients’ wishes and his own years of designing and learning which become part of every room he completes.

He told Elle Décor, “I actually like putting something old against something new, or juxtaposing something humble with something rare. It makes a space look younger and feel lively. My own pieces are designed to work in traditional or modern spaces.”

According to, he was “the first designer to incorporate ancient fragments and techniques into minimalist modern spaces. As early as 1968, he created rooms with brown coat plaster walls juxtaposed with polished surfaces, like stainless steel ceilings.”

“If you walk into a room and your blood pressure doesn’t go up, it’s a failure,” Saladino was recently quoted in 1st Dibs Style Compass and he consistently raises blood pressures around the world. However, serenity is the watchword of his design and thus those blood pressures quickly return to normal as they enjoy his calm and immaculate interiors.

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