Library books wallpaper.You might have little room for books, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t imagine a room as a proper library. To help make such a dream a reality, consider the following wall illusions. The library wallpaper is wonderful because of the maximum impact it provides to a minimum amount of space.

Books wallpaper

Simply use one sheet of it to create a mirage of a “pile of books” ready to quench your literary thirst. Building from this common idea are innovative wall decals depicting the French verb conjugations of two of the most important words in any language: “to have” and “to be.”

Tracey Kendall Words Wall WallpaperIf you already have enough “real” books of your own, perhaps give them a background of picture frames against which they can safely lean.

Deborah Bowness Books Wallpaper

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Deborah Bowness

Tracey Kendall

The Collection