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“L House” and Pantone’s Honeysuckle Pink

Pantone Color Trends - “L House” and Pantone’s Honeysuckle PinkIt’s official. Pantone has announced that Honeysuckle, described as a vibrant and energetic hue from its mother color red, is the 2011 Color of the Year. Every time the Color of the Year is announced, it makes us even more aware of the many interior design ideas available online. We already see examples of how Honeysuckle can be used to create beautiful spaces.

Take for instance a house in Zurich, Switzerland, that ca ught and still holds our attention. “L House” by Philippe Stuebi perfectly illustrates the brilliant design strategy of taking your favorite color and using it to enhance your home’s architecture and interior. The basic idea is to add small splashes of color to an otherwise neutral background.

 “L House” and Pantone’s Honeysuckle PinkIn designing the modern “L House,”  the architect envisioned the exterior in all white except for the balcony that forms an alcove with walls and ceiling painted a deep pink very close to Pantone’s Honeysuckle. This one pop of color gives life to the simple lines of the home.

“L House” and Pantone’s Honeysuckle PinkThis visual design element is carried throughout the interior of “L House.”  Here you can see a hallway with walls, ceiling and doors painted in the same deep pink as the balcony and a backsplash of brilliant color in the kitchen designs. In other rooms, single spots of color come in the form of furniture, home décor accessories or an area rug here and there. On the chairs and other seating, pink is replaced by pumpkin on an upholstered bench in the living room, a red chair in the library and another in the office along with a glossy green portable filing cabinet.

Pantone Color Trends - “L House”The effect of color in this home is dramatic and seems to be a series of “aha” moments, providing many home décor ideas through a glimpse of color reflected off white walls, the glow of pink in a hallway connecting pure white living spaces or the sight of sculptural form of a single pink chair in the contemporary living room.

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