Quick Step Laminate Flooring: An Overview

Quick Step Laminate Flooring is a very popular option for flooring in the European countries. In recent times, it has started gaining popularity in the United States as well.

American flooring company Mohawk Industries recently acquired the parent company manufacturing Quick Step Flooring. Nowadays, in the United States, laminate flooring is growing in popularity because it is cheaper than ceramic, stone or wooden flooring. Apart from this, it is easier to install. You can do it yourself as a weekend activity with your partner and family members. It can be a fun activity when family is involved in the process. This article contains more information on Quick Step Flooring laminate companies. You can choose one as per your flooring needs.

‘Quick Step’ is the process of putting your flooring planks together. A tongue and groove system is used for this purpose and it is referred to as ‘Uniclic’. You simply have to push the tongue into the groove till you hear a click- the process is equivalent to fitting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Quick Step Laminate Flooring and other laminates can be easily installed on any surface- even on heated floors. However, you may need a levelling or moisture barrier. For new cement, you must let the cement dry and cure before installing the floor. This is because you must avoid moisture from getting trapped in the floor. You can easily cut the planks with the help of a saw, rotary or a table.

There are sixty six different varieties of wooden laminates, four different varieties of ceramic laminates and eight different varieties of stone laminates in Quick Step Flooring. The number of slats in planks also varies- some have two while others have three. The tiles and stones are grouped into four square patterns.

Even though laminates are durable, they can still be damaged by dents or scratches. For these cosmetic repairs, Quick Step Laminate Flooring offers putty. Quick Step Laminate Flooring offers a warranty period of twenty five years. However, if you use it in highly moist areas like saunas and bathrooms; you are likely to render the warranty void as the laminate is not recommended for moist areas.

You can easily find Quick Step flooring at your nearest hardware store or stores dealing in kitchen decors and other interior designing. If you search online however, chances are high that you will end up getting a good deal on your Quick Step Flooring purchase.