Ten Modern Home Decorating Tips

modern home decorating

1. Taking more risk with interior colors

More color in richer tones, larger scaled art, mixing materials – none of these are new ideas, but with all the design shows and magazines out there it helps a person visualize better. I love to bring in unusual decor to make a statement in a room.


2. Choose unusual decor

 Mirrored chest of drawers, metallic fabrics, painted pieces – could be a lamp, accessories, or a coffee table for example. Something that calls attention to itself in a room as a conversation piece.


3. Mixing up modern and traditional

Using rich varieties of textures in fabrics. Mixing wood grains, painted finishes, metal finishes. Use of line and texture on furniture – pleating, button tufting, etc. Metal or glass tile combined with ceramic.Look for wood burning stoves for sale for an old fashioned look. We have broken free of all things having to match.

4. Interior color trends

chocolate, tobacco, taupe – with apple green shades.


5. Reds

Red – not in its true form. Rich brown-reds or deep purples paired with intense earthy tones of brown, green, or gold.



6. Nature

Materials such as bamboo, grasses, subtle organic patterns of plants or water themes, cooler restful use of greens, blues, lavenders. Use of colored glass as an accent.



7. Painting walls a color

not just beige or off white. Knowing that you can always repaint.



8. Use of Metallics


Use of metal and metallics - in decorating accessories, lighting, accent tables and fabrics, tiles.


9. Straighter Lines in Furniture

Straighter lines in furniture – squared off arms, refined minimal legs on upholstery and tables. Straight, minimal designs on tables but playing up exotic wood grains. Simple lines in furnishings allow things like art or rugs to be played up.


10. Better Use of Proportions in a Room

Better use of proportions in a room – playing up architectural features, varying heights of lamps, key furniture pieces. Drawing attention to ceiling height through the better use of window treatments.



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