Tips For Selling Your Home


Ok so it’s not the greatest time to be selling your home but honestly, when is?

It seems the housing market has been struggling for a lifetime now and you can’t just put your life and plans on hold forever! If you are thinking about moving home and selling your house there are a number of things you can do to lend yourself a helping hand.

If you don’t already have them, get uPVC windows


Unless you have original leaded Edwardian windows (or something to a similar description) that add value to your house then the only other option is uPVC windows. If you don’t already have them it may seem like an unnecessary expense when you’ll be up and out soon enough but not having them can be far more costly in the long term. Unless potential buyers are looking to strip a house to its core and give it a complete make-over, you won’t find many who aren’t put off by the idea of having to install new windows soon after they move in. You can get quality uPVC windows online for great prices so get replacing them today!

Location, location, location


We all know how important location is when looking for a new house so why would it be any different for other house hunters? The most immaculate of houses can struggle to sell if they’re in an undesirable area and the biggest dives can have people fighting over them if they’re in a fantastic location. If your house is in a great location make sure you shout about it and likewise if it’s in a not so great area shout about the lovely park that’s only a 15minute walk away or how great the transport links into the city centre are. Chances are wherever you live there is something special about it, whether it’s the amazing restaurant at the end of the road, the friendly sense of community or the huge garden possible because of the out of town location!

First impressions are everything

The same applies for houses as it does for people, just like a job interview first impressions can count for everything and be the difference between a sale or a fail. It’s not rocket science but it’s amazing the amount of people who don’t have a clean house before a viewing. If the walls are looking a bit grubby give them a fresh lick of paint. If you have anything that screams personal taste i.e. that 3 meter long African wall hanging, put it away! People need to be able to imagine themselves and their own possessions in a new home. Finally, a fresh pot of coffee never goes a miss.