You’ve Decorated, What’s Next?

Last year I saw the house of my dreams. It was a small cottage out in the countryside with a rolling garden that backed onto a canal. From the outside it was stunner, a total knock out. And inside? Well inside I could see the potential but it was stuck in a seventies time warp with brown carpets throughout and a range of rather hideous orange floral wallpapers. At least the wallpaper distracted your attention away from the aubergine bathroom.

Anyway, potential seen, I signed the papers, booked the removal van and packed everything carefully; wrapping up valuables in layers of last week’s papers before stashing everything in identical cardboard boxes kindly donated by the local supermarket. And then, within twenty four hours, I was in my seventies heaven/hell wondering what the heck I’d done.

As I settled into the new place, so that it was no longer the new place but my place, I started redecorating; pulling up the brown carpets, ripping off the patterned tiles and steaming off twenty years’ worth of wallpaper. Then, the other night I settled onto my sofa and looked proudly around at my contemporary interior with its neutral palette and soft cream carpet and heaved a sigh of relief.

But the longer I sat there, the more I felt like something was missing, like I hadn’t quite finished the job somehow. I phoned my best friend, an interior designer, wondering what her take would be on this. The advice I was given is that once you’ve decorated the walls, you have to decorate the house. After I bit of explaining on her part I gathered what she meant and it all become a bit clearer.

Of course, I needed to decorate the house! I’ve decorated the walls and floors, the ceilings and the kitchen and bathroom. But now I’m living in a lovely, freshly decorated house with chipped plates, four glasses that don’t match, some hand me down cutlery and a table lamp I got from the pound store two years ago. There’s no wonder I felt like I’d cheated on the finishing touches!

I needed to get some quality goods into my home; china tea cups and crystal wine glasses, a set of silver cutlery perhaps and a really solid casserole dish. With my shopping list made I hit the internet and came across David Shuttle which met all of my house decoration needs. Now my house truly does feel complete and I am genuinely living in the house of my dreams.

 So there you have it, if you’ve decorated recently and you can’t figure out what is missing, ask yourself the question…Yes you’ve decorated the walls but have you decorated the house?